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The Nikon Z5 is the newest camera in the Z series. Its compact size, lightweight, and fast autofocus system make it the perfect option for travel. The body of the camera is made from magnesium alloy, and its body weighs only 132g. It also offers several useful features, including a removable battery pack. The Nikon’s rear tilting touchscreen is 3.2 inches and has a resolution of 1.04 million dots. Its large, clear touch screen works well in menus and in the electronic viewfinder, and in bright light.


Nikon Z 5

The Nikon Z5 offers a backlit screen and a large LCD. It has a zoom lens and a decent Z mount. It has a command dial on the front of the camera, a pair of function buttons, and a backlit touchscreen. There is no manual focus, but the zoom lens is very accurate. You can use a teleconverter, if you need one. And as with other full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Nikon has a high ISO.

The Nikon Z5 uses an EN-EL15c battery, which is backwards compatible with earlier generations. The battery’s capacity has been increased to enable the Z5 to take more pictures than previous generations. With this additional battery, the Z5 is able to capture more images than its predecessors. With its EVF, you can check out the quality of your photographs with the camera’s built-in viewfinder.

The camera’s interface is similar to the one found in the Z6 and Z7. The main controls are identical, but it does lack a display. The rear of the Nikon Z5 includes a power switch next to the shutter release. The LCD screen and buttons are identical, and the AF-ON button are located near the front of the camera. The memory card door is a little taller than the Z7, but it is not much of a detraction.


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The Nikon Z5 has a dual sensor, with two73 AF points on each side. The camera has a wide ISO range, and a 16:9 widescreen mode. The Z5 supports both full-frame and DX formats. If you prefer a different format, it supports the same aspect ratios as the full-frame version. If you like to shoot movies, the Nikon Z5 has a VGA output.

The camera also has a 273-point Hybrid AF system. You can drag the central AF point around the LCD screen or use the joystick on the rear plate to set the focus point. The cameras have edge of frame markers that indicate how much of a scene they cover. You can manually swap between DX and full-frame, as well as full-frame and APS-C. Its LCD is touch sensitive.

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