Apple fined Rp.169 billion for water resistant iPhone claims

Apple fined Releases

Apple is again in legal trouble. This time, the company from Cupertino, California, United States was fined by the Italian market competition supervisor, AGCM, for 10 million euros, or around Rp. 169 billion.

The fine was imposed on Apple for making misleading claims about the iPhone’s water resistance.

In its product creatives, Apple claims that the iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 are water resistant at depths of four meters to 30 minutes.

ACGM criticized Apple for not providing clear evidence of these claims. Apple is also considered not to provide clarification that this claim only applies in certain circumstances.

AGCM then said that the claim of “water resistance” could only be proven if the smartphone was “immersed” in clean water. For example hygienic water controlled by a laboratory machine.

Water with this level of cleanliness, continued AGCM, is considered incompatible with the real world. Where water conditions can actually be dirtier and have been mixed with other materials.

AGCM also accused Apple of not giving unclear information about warranty damage. Because, the warranty provided by Apple for iPhone products does not include water damage.

Apple itself has not yet commented on the allegations and fines filed by AGCM.

Sanctions in the form of fines that must be paid by Apple are not the first time this has occurred this year. In April, French regulators fined Apple around $ 27 million (around Rp. 382 billion) on the grounds that the company should be more open about its practices.

Last November, Apple also paid a fine of 113 million US dollars or around Rp. 1.6 trillion for slowing down iPhone performance via iOS updates, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Washington Post, Tuesday (12/1/2020).

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