Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

If you are an enthusiastic user of computer mouse then you must have already tried or owned one of Apple’s popular Apple Magic Mouse 2. The original version of this mouse has plenty of innovative features and today; even the new Magic Mouse 2 has plenty of exciting features with some unique novelty. One main difference in this new Apple Magic Mouse 2 compared to its older brother is the battery life. The new Mouse can last up to five hours without getting recharged.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2 vs. Microsoft Mouse The first comparison of this mouse are between the older version of Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 and the newer version of this mouse. In terms of comfort; this mouse definitely wins over the competition. This mouse has a very soft mouse pad which provides a very satisfying and natural feeling. It also comes with a light weight; portable and fully programmable wrist rest which makes it easy to use and more comfortable when using.

Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 vs. Microsoft Mouse Another notable difference between the two popular brands is the size of their devices. Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 is much bigger than its Microsoft counterpart. Although Microsoft adB mice are also very small and convenient; they are not as reliable. You will have an easier time cleaning the computer mouse since it is made of a very durable material. On the other hand; the Apple Mouse is very reliable and durable with a long life span.

Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II vs. Computer Mice With the advent of computer mice with Bluetooth and built-in speakers; Computer Mice started taking over from Macbook mice. However; Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II is still a great choice for people who love writing and sharing files. You can comfortably use this type of mouse with your Macbook computer.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 Vs. Microsoft Word Perfect Another comparison is between Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 and Microsoft Word Perfect. Both brands are very reliable and compatible with most kinds of Macbooks. They have the same smooth and stylish design; just that the former has a lot more buttons and functions that make it more appealing to the consumers. Furthermore; both Macbooks come with a USB cable that can easily connect them together; however; Microsoft Word Perfect does have an advantage over the Macbook in terms of durability and overall quality.

Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 Review – It was not long until the mouse finally replaced the standard computer mouse as consumers loved it. Although it was not long before the standard mouse was replaced by the latest Bluetooth and two mice. In Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 Review; I have mentioned each major product’s pros and cons and even tested whether it is worth getting one in case you are using a Macbook computer. The review also discusses whether there are any significant differences when using either the Apple Magic Mouse 2.0 or the Microsoft Word Perfect 2.0.

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