Audioengine A2 Review

Audioengine A2 wireless headphones offer crystal clear; high quality stereo sound to your music device of choice; and are simple to connect to your music in just seconds. Ideal for the studio or small rooms where you want to enjoy your favorite music without having to carry around large speakers. Speakers are not included. Great little mini music system with truly wireless functions that work well with any vehicle. Speakers come standard on the Audioengine A2 wireless headphones.


Audioengine A2

There are a number of different types of Audioengine A2 units that you can purchase. You can get a unit that has an astounding display that shows your song title; track name; length; level; and even comments for each song. If you like to mix your songs; you can adjust the bass and treble for any feel you are trying to achieve. This is also a great feature if you often listen to rock music as you drive around town in your car or while you are working. The 65hz tracking rate and five bands allow you to customize exactly what you hear from this pair of speakers for each situation.

With so many great things that you can do with your Audioengine A2 wireless subwoofers; we couldn’t resist including the surround sound feature in our review. If you love the original a subwoofer; but would like to experience it at maximum output with a bigger subwoofer; the Audioengine A2 allows you to do just that. A separate woofer is included in the package for each individual speaker that is included in the Audioengine A2 Wireless kit. When these speakers are powered by the included amplifier; they produce powerful; crisp sound that is sure to please your ears. Your new surround sound system will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before and you can hook up multiple speakers for a true surround sound experience.

Audioengine As still get great reviews; even today; despite the fact that they are almost twenty years old. Many people still consider them a great investment because they were designed with audio enthusiasts in mind. They were meant to produce top notch sound that could outclass any regular speakers on the market at the time. Audioengine A2s have never fallen short of customer satisfaction ever since their introduction and as long as you’re willing to invest in superior equipment; you’ll always get what you pay for with this company.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

While Audioengine A2 wireless speakers are small; that doesn’t mean that they can’t take up a little room in your house. In fact; most models can fit in the palm of your hand and can be controlled with voice alone. You can even use them as normal Bluetooth speakers and play music from anywhere within range. While they can’t handle very heavy or large speakers; Audioengine A2 can handle some of the lighter models as well and if you want to listen to your favorite rap or rock songs from your car; you’ll love the technology provided by these great speakers. All you need is a small stereo or computer with a Bluetooth connection and a few spare batteries to enjoy all the sound effects that these speakers deliver.

As Audioengine products have evolved so have their designs and sizes. The older versions of the a2 were bulky and awkward looking; but the latest ones have become sleeker and more streamlined. Even the bigger as now come in sleeker designs that look like they’ve been transplanted directly from your computer monitor and keyboard. With the latest technology and a wide range of models; Audioengine has the technology; the knowledge and the production capabilities to make a powerful as with the great sound quality that will blow your mind. Check out the awesome Audioengine A2s and get ready to be amazed.

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