Beosound Emerge – Book-size Wi-Fi speaker


The Beosound Emerge smart speaker is a simple but powerful creation. It takes the traditional design of a portable music player and applies it to a wireless device. As it was designed to fit in your pocket, the product should not be a hindrance to enjoying your music. At first glance, there might be nothing different with this product but upon closer inspection you will notice that the Beosound Emerge has many innovative features.

Beosound Emerge

These innovative features allow for optimal performance without the need for constant wires. When the product is unplugged it still plays music. The music can be changed via the touch screen or volume buttons located on the side. This is perfect for those individuals who have small hands or who are traveling.


For people with smaller rooms the Beosound Emerge can be placed in a bag that easily fits into a pants pocket. The bag attaches to the speaker with Velcro and there is no need for additional cables. This also allows for more portability. These speakers have excellent clarity and a deep bass sound. The sub woofer can also be switched out for a subwoofer capable of a higher volume. There is also a remote control, which makes operating the speaker simple.


When the speaker is powered on, it does not matter if there is a lot of background noise. It plays louder than the other speakers in the same room. Using the remote you can change the track or adjust the volume. In addition, the speaker comes with a built in microphone so you can connect it to your laptop or ipod for recording your own voice.


These speakers come with a rechargeable battery. This means that users can enjoy long hours of listening without the need to change a battery. There is also no need for a car adapter, since these speakers plug directly into any wall outlet. The Beosound Emerge Smart Speaker has an impressively long warranty of one year. This gives buyers peace of mind that they are buying a quality product.


For people that are suffering from allergies or are sensitive to loud noises, the Beosound Eco-Friendly Noise Cancelling (EFC) feature is perfect. This feature allows the user to hear sound outdoors without the risk of irritating the user. However, this feature works only with earphones. Earphones are not suitable for everyone as some people have trouble hearing music through their earphones. This feature is therefore only for those who enjoy listening to music without upsetting their surroundings. Using the EFC system, the volume can be automatically decreased when outside noise levels are increased.



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