Biggest machines ever made by humans

Biggest Machines

Biggest machines – A machine is created for different purposes. There are functions that are useful for life, but some are actually created to destroy. Humans not only act as users of machines, but also some of them are the people who create machines.

Do you know? Among the many machines in this world, it turns out that there are several giant machines created by humans, you know! It is so large, you will find it difficult to imagine how the machine was made. So, what are the machines? Come on, see this review below about the 5 biggest machines created by humans.

  • Takraf

A company in Germany called TAKRAF Industry creates the largest mining machine in the world. The TAKRAF RB293 requires more than 5 people to control a machine that is 310 feet tall and weighs over 14,000 tonnes. This machine also has 20 buckets with a diameter of 70 m and can carry loads of up to 400 cubic meters.

  • Liebherr T 282B

The largest dumptruck in the world was successfully built by the German company Liebherr Co. This dumtruck is named Liebherr T 282B which is 24 feet high, 48 feet long, 29 feet wide and weighs 203 tons. This dumtruck is used to transport mining materials and is able to withstand loads of up to 365 tons.

  • Bertha Tunneling Machine

This giant machine is a tool used to make tunnels. The Bertha Tunneling Machine is 300 feet high with a diameter of 57.5 feet and weighs 7,000 tons. Because it was too heavy and big, this machine could not run on public roads, so it had to be separated into 31 new parts which were assembled and used to dig tunnels.

  • The Hadron Collider

The Hadron Collider is a giant machine created to learn various things about chemistry and physics. This machine is located 574 feet underground near Geneva, Switzerland. Inside this machine are two high energy emitting poles that are connected to each other at the speed of light. Scientists use this giant machine to research many things and learn more about science.

  • Bridge F60

Bridge F60 is the largest transport bridge machine in the world operating in the mining sector. This tool is 502 meters long, 240 meters wide, 60 meters high and weighs 13,600 tons. Bridge F60 can move freely in any direction to transport coal and other mining materials. Limited energy sources made this machine stopped operating after 13 months.

So, those are the 5 biggest machines ever made by humans. What do you think? If you know other giant machines in the world, share them in the comments column, yes!

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