Choosing the Best Gimbal for Smartphone

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Choosing the Best Gimbal for Smartphone. Whenever we test smartphones especially for making videos; using a gimbal is one of the mandatory items that we must have. Although it may not really matter because the majority of new smartphones today have at least a stabilizer feature (OIS + EIS) or super steady on the camera, using a gimbal makes our video recording job easier because the smartphones we use don’t all have stabilizer features.

After almost 2 years with the same gimbal, we decided to look for a new smartphone gimbal to make it more comfortable to operate during coverage. As a personal experience and preference, the gimbal that we intend to use must have at least the following:

  • There is a tripod of its own
  • There is a direction setting
  • Can handle heavy and large smartphones
  • Must be horizontal and vertical
  • Must be plastic / rubber
  • There is a trigger button
  • There is a follow function
  • Can charge the battery and gimbal

Research result in Choosing the best Gimbal

In our search this time for Choosing the Best 1 Million Gimbal for Smartphone, there are gimbals in the price range of 1 – 1.2 million Rupiah which is quite interesting, namely

Both are plastic / rubber material with camera control software, both have a joystick, can recharge the smartphone battery when used, can be directed vertically or horizontally, and have a small tripod. But what is the difference between the two? Stay tuned in this article and don’t forget to check other article about¬† Poco M3 Review .

This one gimbal has a storage box that ensures the gimbal is safe from impact, but unfortunately it makes the dimensions a bit large and less compact. There are 3 screw holes for accessories, a dial pad that makes it easy to operate, can charge a smartphone using a Wireless Charger (Qi Certified) and a cable, has vertical and horizontal options automatically with gestures, can lock the position to be taken anywhere.

Brica itself, which is an old player, has a storage box that tends to be more compact than Moza. This gimbal also has accessories for action cams, with a choice of written modes that are clearer when used. The Gimbal from Broca also has manual vertical and horizontal options, is able to recharge the battery using a cable, unfortunately it cannot wirelessly, and has a trigger button.

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