Creative Pebble Plus Review

If you’re looking for a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that can serve as a desktop computer sound system; the Creative Pebble Plus is perfect for you. This small; light speaker packs a punch. While maintaining its minimalist and elegant design; the speakers also feature double the bass output of its smaller sibling; the Creative Pebble Portable Plus. The sound processors use two powerful technologies to bring you crisp audio quality and true-to-life surround effects.


Creative Pebble Plus

When it comes to desktop speakers; there are a lot of products that come in a rather expensive price range. Many of them perform well; but their price tag makes them impractical for those on a tight budget. However; Creative Pebble Plus comes in a more affordable package than most other wireless speakers. Priced at only $100; the Plus is one of the least expensive Bluetooth speakers ever made.

With six adjustable levels of bass and seven different sound effects to choose from; the Plus can satisfy all tastes. The powerful two-way satellite speakers help to maximize your entertainment options by delivering clear stereo sound quality wherever you are. The specially designed mid-range drivers utilize two microphone elements to capture more of the natural sound for deeper; balanced; and expansive sound effects.

Creative Pebble has spared no expense to produce these superlative speakers. One of the contributing factors to their excellence lies on their dedication to superior technology. The company’s vast R&D labs put tons of effort into improving the sound quality of their devices. It takes a team of professionals to come up with the kind of technology that enables high definition audio to be transmitted clearly and easily over short and long distances. Creative Pebble has invested a great deal of time and money in improving this important aspect of their products.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

The advanced version of this innovative speaker has an innovative Quick Release system that is easy to operate; providing quick and easy access to the controls. With it; you are able to change the volume from anywhere in your home or office. In addition to its easy operation; the quick release allows you to use the speakers without unplugging them for extended periods of time. The high gain mode is also another noteworthy feature of the Creative Pebble plus speakers; it allows you to operate the device without being present in front of a set of stereo amplifiers.

This innovative wireless stereo system offers you a choice between wired and wireless connection for its superior audio performance. If you need to connect the audio device to the speakers; you can simply use an audio cable that has been equipped with the necessary connectors to connect the speakers to the audio source. But if you would rather connect the audio source directly; then there is also a dock connector available for this purpose.

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