Four Main Types of Sensor Systems in Wireless Mice

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Four Main Types of Sensor Systems in Wireless Mice. As the name implies, a wireless mouse is a mouse that doesn’t use a cable. These characteristics allow you to use this important tool more freely when using your computer.

The accuracy of a wireless mouse will differ greatly depending on the sensor system used. There are several types of wireless mice that are illegible in certain areas depending on the sensor system. We will describe the four main types of sensor systems in wireless mice. Listen, yes.

Blue LED type, no need for mouse pad, high level of precision

The blue LED sensor system is most commonly found in wireless mouse products. This type can function properly even without using a mouse pad with high reading precision. Another advantage, the mouse can be used well in dusty places.

In addition, this mouse can also be used on various types of surfaces such as glossy surfaces or fabrics. However, the mouse may not function properly when used on a fully transparent glass surface. Thus, you need to prepare a base or mouse pad when using it on a glass table.

The red LED type is affordable and easy to use

If you are looking for a product that is affordable and has satisfactory accuracy, then choose this type of mouse. The red LED sensor system is the most popular optical sensor system compared to other LED sensor systems. However, this mouse cannot be used on shiny, white, or patterned areas. Thus, you need to prepare a plain mouse pad as a base.

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Infrared LED type, more efficient power consumption so that its use is more durable

You can choose a mouse with this infrared LED sensor system if you have high mobility and often travel. This mouse consumes the least power so it lasts a long time to use. The mouse battery can last 6-12 months. That way, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery and replacing it on the go.

The reading accuracy of this type of mouse is almost the same as an optical sensor system. If you want more comfort and efficiency, don’t forget to use a mouse pad, OK.

Laser type, the ability to read the best response

The advantage of a mouse with a laser sensor system is that it has a more accurate response rate than the optical type. Then, this type of sensor system is also invisible to the human eye. This type of mouse can be used for both uneven surfaces and shiny surfaces.

However, like the blue LED type, mice with laser sensor systems often do not respond when used on transparent surfaces. If you choose this mouse, you should use a mouse pad when you want to use it on a glass table surface.

Choose a mouse that fits comfortably in your hand so you don’t get tired of using it for a long time. So, don’t forget to check the size, weight and shape.

The weight of the mouse will affect its operability. Some people find a lighter mouse easier to use. There are also those who think a heavier mouse is more comfortable in the hand. So it’s important to understand your own taste. If you want to replace your old mouse, imagine the weight of the mouse you used to use before. (Four Main Types of Sensor Systems in Wireless Mice)

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