Gadgets that Apple Releases in 2020

Apple fined Releases

Apple, even though it is one of the big tech companies, is unlike other premium brands that target the market for many people. Apple has chosen to take a more unique and different approach. However, this year Apple released quite a number of products from various categories. But still, all are sold as luxury products that not everyone can own. All right, without the need to linger, here are every device that Apple releases in 2020.

1. iPad Air

Announced at the Apple September event, the new iPad Air comes with a new look, being the first iPad since the iPad Pro to adopt a flat-edge design and an edge-to-edge display. iPad Air is Apple’s solution for those who want a device like the iPad Pro but at a friendlier price. The iPad Air, which is priced at US $ 599, is also expected to fill the gap between the standard iPad and the iPad Pro.

2. iPad (8th generation)

Instead of updating the iPad Mini, Apple chose to present the latest edition of the standard version of the iPad. Aimed at students and casual users alike. This 8th generation iPad has the same design as the previous generation. But with the A12 Bionic for even more performance. Considering this is below the iPad Air, Apple is only pegging a price of US $ 349 for those interested in buying an iPad.

3. Watch Series 6 and Watch SE

While the Watch Series 6 looks no different from before, the US $ 399 smartwatch is equipped with a blood oxygen tracking feature that is essential in times of a pandemic like today. Along with the releases of the Watch Series 6, Apple also introduced the Watch SE which is cheaper at US $ 279, but has been supported with features such as Family Setup and Fall Detection.

4. iPhone 12 Series

With four variants to the iPhone 12 series, Apple is doing what many people doubt. Each variant is aimed at different users and that strategy seems to be working for Apple. The four iPhone 12s have fairly similar looks and performance (both armed with the A14 Bionic).

What caught the eye the most was the iPhone 12 Mini (US $ 699). Which brought back the concept of a tough HP with a minimalist size. The other three, namely the iPhone 12 (US $ 799), iPhone 12 Pro (US $ 999) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (US $ 1099) still carry the same concept as last year’s iPhone 11 series.

5. Mac series with M1 chipset

Apple recently made an interesting breakthrough by launching the first Mac series to be equipped with their own M1 chipset. The new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini still look like their predecessors. But all three now have the same technology as the iPhone 12 series. Apple claims that the M1 chipset can improve performance and battery life. In addition to providing the ability to run applications originally intended only for the iPhone and iPad.

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