Gaming is a mark of a Technological advances


Gaming is a marker for technological advances – Hello readers, this time I will discuss a little about the role of games as entertainment media in technological advances.

yes, our life is not free from entertainment, all humans definitely need entertainment, humans entertain themselves in their own ways, like examples

humans play games when they are too late or tired after work, to stimulate the mind to be more enthusiastic after a day of draining a lot of time and energy.

Thus, the influence of games on the advancement of technology can be said to be enormous, as time goes by more and more game industries launching new game products, both digitally and physically, with the encouragement of technological advances in this era of globalization, games are easier to access and in. get.

One of the very rapid developments in ICT is the use of internet media which is applied to the world of entertainment. As for the application of technology in the entertainment world, one of them is as follows:

  1. The use of computers in the entertainment world makes it easier to present information.
  2. In the world of television and film, computers are used in the production of films that require special animation, for example cartoons or those that require special effects.
  3. Application packages for animation and effects are programs that are often used in making animation and these effects.
  4. In the field of Gaming, the use of computers is used to fill leisure time with various game programs.
  5. Currently game play programs have been created and are often found on the market with a variety of gaming.
  6. Recording field, By using our computer will produce a better recording result. We can also manage and edit it. We can also adjust the sound we want by using a computer.
  7. To print an album onto a VCD or DVD you need the help of a computer program to process the burning or burning of a CD so that it can record very high quality sound.

The more advantages in technological advances in the field of entertainment or games, the more enthusiasts and developers, one example in the field of e-sports, in this field of e-sports, games are not only a means of entertainment, but also a tool to make money. especially for professional players who are members of an e-sports team, advances in technology may open up new and unique job opportunities in developments in this era of globalization.

In this way, it can be said that games are a means of marking the advancement of technology at this time, can be a means of achieving progress or setbacks depending on how we respond and use them.

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