Geek GK64x Mechanical Keyboard


Before buying Geek GK64x mechanical keyboard, there are few things that you need to know and understand. This keyboard has three different keys, which are for your control keys. These are function keys, which you used in different situations. There are also additional functionality keys, which are for extra functions. The function and extra functions keys will be very convenient as you type text or press keys to navigate your online browser.


Geek GK64x

So as to Geek GK64x mechanical keyboards are constructed of plastic and rubber, which is why it is light weight and portable. Many people prefer to buy a mechanical keyboard over an electric one as the former makes your work comfortable as the latter makes your work faster. When you type with a mechanical keyboard, there is no need to worry about any dead keys, making your work far more convenient. Dead keys on a typical keyboard makes you need to come back to the keypad to do your typing, and this can be very frustrating.

Another reason why many people opt to buy a mechanical keyboard is because they offer better mechanical support than ordinary computer keyboards. Compared to ordinary computer keyboards, mechanical keyboards offer a firmer, more stable and much more comfortable working condition. Due to these reasons, more people are opting to buy this kind of keyboard. However, even though this sort of keyboard offers great advantages, it is also quite expensive. It costs a lot more than an average computer keyboard.

There are actually several types of keyboards to choose from when you want to get a mechanical keyboard. It is possible to choose among three main types. The initial type is the old classic mechanical keyboard, that is usually called “tactile” keyboards. These kinds of keyboards are very common, and you could find them in virtually all kinds of stores. If you do not like the way your keyboard feels by using it, then this type of keyboard is not for you.


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The second type is the type you can change the keys to. These kind of keyboards are popular today since they offer a lot of cool features. For example, you can aquire one which has macro keys, which enable you to perform different tasks with just a single button press. Also you can get a high-end model that comes with Bluetooth and USB ports. In addition, a few of these models have media buttons, which enable you to play music and videos. The third type, which is the most popular, has 7 extra buttons that one could assign to any function that you want.

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