How To Choose A PC Joystick

PC Joystick

How to choose a PC joystick. In line with the development of games for PCs, PC joysticks continue to emerge. The models also vary to provide maximum satisfaction when playing your favorite games. The specifications of each product differ from one another, you might even get confused when you want to buy it.

Take it easy, in this article you will find points on how to choose a PC joystick. You will get the best PC joystick recommendations, even finding the most appropriate product is no longer a difficult matter.

Maximize the sensation of playing with a PC joystick

Many people choose to play PC games using a mouse and keyboard. This is not wrong considering that many shooting, puzzle, or strategy games are fun to play using a mouse and keyboard.

Even so, games for PC don’t just belong to that genre. Other genre games, such as fighting, racing, or flight simulators, can indeed be played using a mouse and keyboard. However, for a more optimal control system and playing experience, using a PC joystick is a smart solution.

Depending on the game being played, the ideal joystick model may differ. We will discuss this in more detail in the points below. Of course, for a maximum gaming experience and ease of playing certain games, it’s a good idea to have a PC joystick.

Choose a joystick based on the model

The PC joystick is not only made in the gamepad model, there are three other models, you know! Each model has its own characteristics, you can choose the model you want the most according to your personal preferences.

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Choose a joystick based on the presence or absence of a cable

Regarding cables, there are two types of PC joysticks, namely wired and wireless. The wireless joystick lets you play without cables running through. Not only does it seem tidier, you can also play at a further distance from the monitor. The right choice for those of you who want more freedom to play without any cables that can be annoying. Even so, you must remember to replace the battery regularly. In addition, there will be a delay in sending information from the joystick to the PC.

Meanwhile, a wired joystick is a mandatory solution if you prioritize stable connectivity. Directly connected with a PC via cable, there is no delay in sending information from the joystick to the PC. You will also be free from the obligation to replace or recharge the battery regularly. As long as you don’t feel bothered by cables, of course, a wired PC joystick is definitely worth having.

Check for additional features on the joystick

Next, you need to check for the presence of additional features on the joystick. For example, on a gamepad model joystick, there is a product equipped with a turbo or vibration button. There is also an arcade joystick that has lots of buttons to make it easier for you to carry out your attacks. The existence of features like this certainly makes the joystick even more fun to use.

Make sure the design is to your liking!

This last point should not escape your attention either. Gaming moments are moments when you express yourself in your favorite game. For a more personal impression, it is best if you choose a product whose design you like the most. If you like red, for example, you can buy a red joystick. There is also a gamepad model whose casing is transparent so it looks cooler. Choose the product whose design you like the most to accompany the playing session!

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