Intel Launches Iris Xe Desktop Graphics Card

Iris Xe MAX

Intel officially launched the Iris Xe Desktop Graphics Card. Codenamed “DG1”; this Intel desktop GPU is aim at SMBs as well as mainstream desktop PCs. Previously this graphics card was exhibit by Intel at CES 2020.

This graphics card itself is not actually design for heavy use such as high graphics gaming. Intel brings this graphics card to enhance what is currently offer on mainstream Desktop PCs.

Such as improved graphics quality, multi-display support, and hardware acceleration with certain codecs. Although still capable enough for casual gaming.

Iris Xe Desktop uses the same architecture as the IGP Iris Xe Max laptop, namely the Xe-LP architecture. The graphics card has 4GB memory with 80 EU. With this desktop Intel Iris Xe graphics card, users can display 4K content, up to three monitor outputs. In addition, it is also support by HDR and AI features.

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It also supports content with AV1 decode and offers Adaptive Sync support for smoother use with higher refresh rates.

But for system support, Intel says that this graphics card only supports systems with Intel motherboards supported by the B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipsets, and uses 9th and 10th Gen Intel Core processors.

This is because a special BIOS is needed that supports the Iris Xe Desktop graphics card. Intel will also only sell its graphics cards pre-built, in collaboration with OEMs such as ASUS and other partners.

Report say Intel is also preparing another Intel Iris Xe desktop, which has higher performance and is devote to gaming needs. And this graphics card will use the latest architecture, namely Xe-HPC.

Iris Xe Desktop is actually not the first desktop GPU worked on by Intel. However, this is Intel’s first GPU in more than 20 years, where Intel last launched the Intel i740 in 1998.

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