Internet Trends predictions in 2021

Technology Trends

Internet Trends – This year is a very unexpected moment, the trade war between the United States and China to the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, especially how consumers perceive the internet today.

Summarizing the verge, there are at least a number of trends that might color the world of technology and people’s consumption of the internet in 2021, reflecting on all the events that have occurred this year. These are the Internet Trends predictions in 2021 :

This year, we saw a number of social media efforts, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, embedding shopping options on their features. It could be that in the next year, we will witness a live video shopping

“We believe that the main driver of sales [online and offline] is the story behind it. The ability to combine these stories in live and shopping forms will change the face of e-commerce, ”said Gautam Gupta, former CEO of NatureBox.

  • Silicon Valley is accelerating investment in its products and services to individual creators

Platform providers are constantly looking for ways to make room for creators to directly monetize their consumers, while making a profit themselves.

  • The trend of working at home continues

With so many giant technology companies giving instructions to all their workers to work from home until June 2021 or later, these hundreds of problems can spawn hundreds of new businesses.

Priya Singer predicts that next year will show major advances in augmented reality and virtual reality that focus on office use.

  • The internet is starting to take pornography into account

The halt of payments to Pornhub and the pornography lawsuit may be a start. The new battle for content moderation, distribution and ownership is set to begin soon.

  • Dating apps are gaining momentum

Many people predict that when the Covid-19 vaccine begins to be distributed, people on earth will experience long periods of loneliness that were never previously thought. Tinder, Grindr, and other apps are racing to fill that void.

Analyst Matt Klein said dating apps will continue to persist, even though people are leaving their homes more frequently and people are still doubtful about the safety of the outdoors.

  • The audio app is back on track

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are proof that social media is starting to show its interest in voice-based applications.

  • Public networks continue to split

Social media is still a battle of opinion in the era of free speech today, with supporters of both the right and the left, especially in the United States.

  • The United States needs binding regulations to regulate Chinese-made applications

There is no certainty about the direction of policy for Joe Biden, the US President-elect, regarding his position on the application made in China. The end of the US war under Donald Trump’s leadership against TikTok, which Oracle will later own in 2021, is also unclear.

  • The Internet saved the film industry

Maybe a movie streaming platform can benefit cinema owners from streaming subscribers. Or, cinema owners can stay independent and rent out the building as a virtual conference center.

  • The issue of workers in the industrial world will continue to emerge

The division between management and workers in the technology industry seems to be getting bigger over time. So far, managers have done nothing to calm their employees. There has been much controversy about failure, especially regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

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