Keychron k8 Aluminum Frame Mechanical Keyboard Review


Many consumers are unaware that Keychron K8 Keyboard makes two different types of mechanical keyboards for his or her products. The initial Mechanical Keyboard, which is the most famous, is manufactured out of aluminum and includes all of the features of a typical mechanical keyboard with full macro and programming support, complete with keypad calibration and dedicated LED lights. However, the upgraded model, the K8 Aluminum Frame Mechanical Keyboard is an upgraded version of the original with a lightweight aluminum frame to provide high-end performance and outstanding durability.


Keychron K8

Keychron K8 developed this keyboard to handle an extremely specific need in the technological world today. Today’s keyboards need a tremendous amount of key pressure to function. The old style mechanical keyboards could have a significant amount of pressure but still provide stable key action. However, with the K8 Aluminum Frame Mechanical Keyboard the keystroke response is a lot more refined and responsive. Simply because of the extra layers of aluminum which are placed over key layers to provide the very best tactile experience with a great deal of control.

In addition to the innovative design of the K8 keyboard, there are many additional features that users will definitely appreciate. One particular great benefit may be the Quick Release Lock Mechanism which allows an individual to quickly lock or unlock the keyboard using either the left or right keys, making access very convenient. The Quick Release Lock Mechanism is incredibly useful for those who want to quickly change applications or do other activities that want frequent key changes. With the Lock Mechanism, key actions could be varied depending on what you are really doing at that particular moment.

A lot of the keyboards on the market, especially the more costly ones, come standard with a very basic onboard programming mechanism. These kinds of keyboards have very basic programming facilities and lack a number of the advanced features that many other manufacturers have integrated into their keyboards. Keychron keyboards use a special technology that enables you to customize your own programming facility that may include different macro and key-binding settings to raised suit your individual typing style and preferences. The Quick Release Lock Mechanism also provides various key-guard options to safeguard your wrists from damage. It has been designed to prevent accidental lock-outs from occurring because of the locking mechanism located in the space between the Quick Release Lock and the USB connector on the front of the keyboard.

There are some minor disadvantages to the particular keyboard’s design. One of these is that the Quick Release Lock mechanism doesn’t provide any extra protection to the user’s wrist during long hours of typing. In addition, in the event that you intend to purchase the Quick Release Lock Mechanism for future use, you will need to choose the separate Quick Release Cover. That is another disadvantage because it needs to be purchased separately to be able to utilize the locking facility. While this disadvantage isn’t something you’ll come across if you are particularly concerned about protecting your wrist, it is something to consider in the event that you plan to use the Quick Release Mechanism a whole lot.


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The Quick Release Cover that comes with this keyboard will not provide much protection to the user’s wrist. However, it can provide a small amount of additional protection to the sides of your wrists. If you are going to be traveling together with your keyboard, or if you frequently type for extended periods of time while on the go, this little extra protection may come in handy. You’ll, however, need to purchase separate Quick Release Covers for these areas.

If you plan on purchasing a supplementary protective cover for the keyboard’s wrist and/or the sides of your wrists while using the Quick Release Mechanism, you will probably be able to see them at any Microsoft shop (where your original keyboard came). It is recommended that you get these Quick Release Covers from the well-known and reputable company. The key reason why you want to choose a company known for high quality products is because you will be sure the Quick Release Covers you obtain are created with superior materials. Your other alternatives are low-quality, generic products.

A Quick Release Cover will come in handy, but unfortunately, they can also cause damage to your keyboard if you are using them incorrectly. To prevent damage to your keyboard, be sure you read your Quick Release Covers directions carefully. Most of the kits include the kit’s instruction booklet with the required procedures for installation and use. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you install the keyboard in the correct location. Following these instructions will let you minimize the potential for damage to your keyboard and raise the lifetime of your keyboard.

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