Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review

Inspired by the Microsoft Intellimouse; the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse has made several improvements to an old fan favorite. It’s still wired; fully customizable; and still has that old familiar look and feel; however; the buttons now feel much more responsive; tracking isn’t as accurate; and even the tail light now is a brilliant; unique; white light. There are some minor issues with the buttons and control functions not being very responsive enough for my taste; but overall; the improvements have been great. You can get the software for free (as with the Microsoft Flight Simulator X) or pay a one-time up front fee to upgrade to the new version. After your upgrade; you can keep using the software as many times as you want; free of charge.


Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse software is extremely accurate and responsive; letting you easily navigate through the thousands of common desktop tasks; and allows you to complete those tasks quickly and accurately. I was having a lot of difficulty with clicking and navigating on my old Microsoft Mouse; so it was exciting to see how much easier it was to use the new remapped mice; especially considering the hundreds of positive reviews I read for the Microsoft. The new Microsoft classic intellimouse review on the other hand; gives it a mediocre score for its touch sensitivity. However; this low score could be due to various user inputs and software programs used.

In the Microsoft Classic IntelliLED Mouse review; it’s emphasized how easy the software is to learn; despite how much it changes the traditional mouse pad for a “game-changing” experience. Many other reviews praise the new design as well; stating that they are much easier to work with and provide a better response than their older predecessors. One reason this mouse pad is so popular is because it performs so well. The scroll wheel responds smoothly; while the stick responds with exceptional sensitivity and control. There are many other positive points to the Microsoft Classic IntelliLED; such as how easy it is to program; yet it still lets you track your mouse movement in real time; which is something you simply can’t do with older mice.

The touch-sensitive buttons on this mouse make it perfect for nostalgic gamers; who may have gotten used to using the virtual keyboards and trackballs of decades ago. This version of the classic keyboard has a huge amount of responsive buttons and can respond in several different ways; including light up and click. This makes it perfect for hardcore gamers and those who want to have the best of modern technology in their hands whenever they want it.



Final Verdict

The product has a compact design; and it comes with an internet connection.

When looking at the Microsoft Classic IntelliLED; you’re also getting an excellent ergonomic design. The surface of the mouse is completely smooth; which allows for complete wrist and arm freedom. This means that you’ll never get a stiff neck from using this mouse; as it takes the strain off of your arms and shoulders. It’s very similar to the Modern Mouse; yet this nostalgic remake will provide you with all of the same performance and durability.

If you’re looking to buy a modern version of the Microsoft classic mouse; then you should definitely consider the Microsoft Classic IntelliLED. This product will not disappoint; especially considering the excellent features it has. It has a smooth and rounded surface; which makes it perfect for use with a desktop computer. It has the best high-tech optical mice available on the market; which means that this brand can always provide you with great performance; whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone who likes nostalgia. The IntelliLED has an affordable price; making it a great choice for anyone who wants a classic style mouse; without breaking the bank.


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