Microsoft Surface Mouse Review

Microsoft Surface Mouse review is designed to help you decide whether this device is for you or not. The reviews are easy to understand and give an honest opinion of the product. Microsoft Surface Mouse is simply a product by Microsoft which enables you to manipulate your computer using your finger. The mouse itself is extremely comfortable and lightweight; especially compared to some of the more expensive gaming mice available today. The result is that you can feel as if you have just pulled your arm on a paper and not your computer.


Microsoft Surface Mouse

I have been using Microsoft Surface Mouse for a couple of weeks now; and so far I am really enjoying it. It works great with my laptop; and enables me to manipulate my pc much more easily than with a standard keyboard and mouse combination. One of the main advantages of using this product over traditional mechanical mice is that it enables me to use my fingerprint to lock/unlock my computer (uses the same biometric data storage technology as Windows Live Writer password manager). So far; this software has worked flawlessly; and I haven’t had any problems using it.

The other major advantage is that using the mouse enables me to become more productive immediately. For instance; when I am typing on my standard keyboard; I will initially move my mouse to click on the letters; but once the fingers are tired; I’ll then move the mouse to the touch pad. However; with the Surface Mouse; I can type an entire report; or utilize all of the functions of my virtual keyboard right from my laptop-like device. This not only enables me to become more productive right away; but also gets rid of the need to physically travel to the computer to perform tasks.

Another major advantage of the Mouse is that it supports the Microsoft Precision Wave gesture recognizer. With this recognizer; you can select specific areas on the screen for which you want to scroll; zoom in and out; flip pages; jump to a specific page; highlight keywords; enter text; etc. When these special functions are performed by the device; it notifies you automatically; and you just point and click your way through. It’s as simple as that!


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

However; what makes the Mouse such an incredible accessory for windows 10 is its iControl functionality. If you have never heard of it; allow me to explain it to you. An iPad or an iPhone could conceivably connect to a Windows smart switch; (also called “touchscreen tap”); and this would enable it to execute commands like a computer keyboard would. What this means is that instead of having to touch each button individually; you can simply point to it and then let go with a quick tap. This is extremely useful for controlling how your device turns itself off; on; or on again.

In addition to all of this; the Microsoft Surface Mouse Review I did also found that the device uses a great; high-performance infrared sensor to detect your position while you are browsing the web; and display your location on the screen; making it incredibly accurate and secure in terms of navigation. This is definitely a great selling point for tablet PCs like this. Also; you will notice that the actual click wheel is made of rubber; which gives a nice smooth feel when you use it. Overall; this is a very nice device that definitely has a lot of potential.

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