NASA leaked new images

NASA, MARS leaked image

NASA leaked new images of a giant canyon on Mars, the largest in the solar system ever found.

Some people may already be familiar with the great Grand Canyon in the United States. However, the canyon is nothing compared to that found on the planet Mars.

The US space agency NASA has released new images of a canyon on Mars and is the largest in the solar system.

The canyon on Mars is nearly ten times longer than the Grand Canyon and three times deeper.

Quoted from Slashgear, Monday, January 11, 2021, this Mars canyon is called Valles Marineris, which is a deep, wide canyon system that stretches more than 2500 miles along the Martian equator.

The giant canyon system covers nearly 25 percent of Mars’ entire circumference. Compared to the Grand Canyon, Valles Marineris is almost ten times longer and three times deeper.

The new image was captured using a High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

One of the biggest mysteries about Mars is exactly how the giant canyon system formed. On Earth, the Grand Canyon was formed over billions of years by flowing water.

NASA says that Mars is too hot and dry to ever have a river large enough.

Meanwhile the European space agency (ESA) says there is evidence that flowing water could deepen some of the channel canyons that existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Scientists believe most of the canyons most likely cracked open billions of years ago when nearby volcanic clusters first protruded from the ground of Mars.

Magma bubbling beneath large volcanoes, including Mount Olympus, could have ripped through the surface of Mars, eventually collapsing into the trenches and valleys that make up Valles Marineris today.

Evidence suggests that the canyon system was subsequently formed by landslides, magma flows, and ancient rivers after their formation – NASA leaked new images.

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