Oppo Explains the Various Uses of 5G in Indonesia

Various Uses of 5G

Oppo Explains the Various Uses of 5G in Indonesia. On Thursday (4/2), Oppo Indonesia held an event title the Oppo 5G Academy where this activity was held as a form of Oppo’s commitment to providing education relate to 5G which is increasingly prevalent and it is necessary to disseminate various technologies and their benefits to the wider community, not only for big industry only.

At Oppo 5G Academy Volume 1 which was hold both online and offline; Oppo invite Aryo Meidianto A as PR Manager of Oppo Indonesia; together with Shannedy Ong as Country Director of Qualcomm Indonesia and; Sukaca Purwokardjono as Deputy CEO of; Smartfren Telecom’s Mobility to discuss more about 5G and how the progress so far for Indonesia.

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Oppo Holds 5G Academy, Explains the Various Uses of 5G

Oppo, as a representative for a brand that already has a device capable of; supporting 5G technology through a Qualcomm chipset; explain its commitment to how 5G can be use immediately when this network is; ready for public consumption in the future. Shannedy Ong from Qualcomm’s representative also reveal that; his party is ready to work with various OEM and ODM partners to be able to launch various types of; 5G devices for Indonesia; for example, such as the Oppo Reno5 5G which uses the Snapdragon 765G. In addition; this 5G network can benefit various parties thanks to its speed and low latency which is currently quite important for users of video calls / conferencing, and gaming.

However, this 5G network does not escape operators who are an important part of the structure of the development of the 5G network as a service provider. Smartfren Telecom is one of the operators that is more than ready to deploy this network; with a commitment to realize various technological innovations that are able to provide benefits and benefits to the wider community, as well as open new opportunities.

“We believe that the implementation of 5G in Indonesia will be a game changer for the industry as well as provide great benefits to consumers. In order for these benefits to be realize, synergy from all stakeholders in the telecommunications ecosystem is need, “said Sukaca Purwokardjono, Deputy CEO of Smartfren Telecom’s Mobility. (Oppo Explains the Various Uses of 5G in Indonesia)

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