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Review Laptop ACER – Together with the presence of the latest generation Intel processors, namely the 11th Gen Intel Core “Tiger Lake”, comes the latest laptop project, the EVO. This is the successor of Project Athena which was previously presented by Intel.  this time it’s a laptop from Acer, the Acer Swift 3 Air 3.

This laptop is one of the EVO laptops at a very attractive price, where this laptop is also the cheapest EVO laptop we have encountered to date. In addition, this laptop is the most affordable laptop with a 2K screen.

Well, for those of you who are already curious about the latest EVO laptop from Acer, just take a look at the full review of the Acer Swift 3 Air 3 below.

Acer Swift 3 Air 3 carries a clamshell form factor design, or a classic laptop where the screen can only be stretched out by default, without supporting tablet or tent modes. The design still uses the simple design of the Acer Swift 3, but it has the appearance of a Premium product.

Slightly different from the Acer Swift 3X we reviewed earlier, the design looks more curvy in the corners of the device. On the hinge of the screen is decorated with the Swift logo which also seems aesthetic.

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For the material used, this device uses a combination of Magnesium-Lithium and Magnesium-Aluminum. This makes the device has a body that is light but still sturdy. The laptop color we tested here was Pure Silver.

Dimensions, this device has a length of 30.23 cm, 23.37 width and 1.6 cm thick. As for the weight of this laptop, which reaches 1.16 kg. It is light enough and makes it easy to carry anywhere. The charger adapter itself weighs 210 grams, so the user will only carry a total load of 1.36 kg.

This laptop has a screen measuring 13.5 inches with a resolution of 2K (2256 x 1504 pixels) @ 60 Hz. The ratio is 3: 2, which of course is very rare in its price class where the laptop screen has a 2K resolution and a 3: 2 ratio.

The panel used is IPS with a brightness level of 415 nits and a color coverage of 100% sRGB. Of course, with the screen specifications offered, the visuals that are displayed will really satisfy users.

Acer also provides a feature that Acer calls CineCrystal. The surface of the Glare screen usually makes the colors displayed appear more “out”. The screen is framed in fairly thin bezels on the right and left, while the top frame looks a little thick to fit a 720p 30fps camera.

On the right and bottom left, there are two stereo speakers. This speaker is also supported with DTS audio software, which allows users to adjust the sound according to their wishes with the available audio presets.

The keyboard layout shown carries the hallmark of Acer swift, namely the Chiclet Keyboard with a small arrow key – half the height of the other keys. There are Page Up and Page Down buttons around the arrow keys. The keyboard also has a backlit light where the user can only set it on-off, without setting the backlit brightness level.

The power button is integrated with the keyboard layout, where when pressed the “Power Button Action” option will appear. Users can choose between Sleep, Hibernate or Power OFF when the button is pressed.

The size of the touchpad is very satisfying, where the touchpad extends vertically because of the 3: 2 screen body. The position is Center to Spacebar, there is no right / left click button. This touchpad also supports Windows Precision Driver. -Review Laptop ACER

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