Ridge RFID Wallet Review


The Ridge RFID Wallet Tech was created by Bill Johnson, a well-known RFID developer and inventor. It is important to understand what RFID is and what it does before looking at these wallets. RFID is short for radio-frequency identification, and it involves the use of a transponder to collect data and verify identity. For example, a credit card or a driver’s license will normally have a RFID in on it. A company that wants to sell products or services will be able to do so with ease using RFID technology. Companies like Wal-mart and K-Mart use RFID to track their sales.



Ridge RFID Wallet

There are several different wallets from which to chose, including the Ridge RFID Wallet. The Ridge is a small wallet, but it packs a punch because it contains all of the functionality needed to store an assortment of items and make it simple for the user to carry. This wallet is perfect for business men and women, students, and anyone else who needs a small, easy to carry wallet. It is also ideal for someone who travels a lot since the pockets located around the exterior of the bag contain enough room for all of the essentials.


The wallets are extremely convenient because they are ultra-slim and easy to carry. When the Ridge RFID Wallet is opened, it appears just like any other wallet. However, when you insert a coin or a dollar bill inside it, a sensor located by the magnetic field in the wallet “reads” the movement of the finger. If the finger indicates movement, the device determines that it is a real person and authenticates itself accordingly. It then prompts the wallet to open.


In fact, the cool tech gadgets that you see with this wallet are actually tiny computers that perform all of the functions that you would expect. For instance, they keep track of the purchases you have made using credit cards, wire transfers, and other electronic means. They send you email alerts whenever new information arrives regarding purchases, incoming mail, incoming emails, and other pertinent details. These are useful for people who use numerous credit or debit cards to make their purchases. Also, these wallets can alert you to any changes in your account balance, such as a decrease after you spend too much money at a certain place. This kind of detailed tracking helps you make smart choices about your finances, thus reducing risks.


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You can also look forward to the integration of RFID technology with smart contracts that will allow businesses to instantly incorporate data about their employees’ spending habits with that of their customers. The Ridge RFID Wallet can hold up to five thousand cards, and the information it holds is protected with encryption so that private information cannot be picked up by hackers. This kind of small wallet has been designed specifically to meet the needs of busy individuals and professionals, as well as merchants who require the most secure way to manage their card accounts. This tiny, sleek little wallet has everything that an avid traveler could need.

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