Snapdragon 865 is The Best Chipset in 2020

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A capable mobile chipset with undoubted performance is everyone’s chipset dream. One of them is Snapdragon 865, which is a competitor to the Mediatek and Bionic chipsets.

Good graphics for various needs on a cellphone can make it easier for you to do everything, especially if you need a cellphone that is fast enough with fast performance.

The development of Snapdragon 865 also took time, the development team focused on artificial intelligence and cameras as functionality to make it better than the previous version, ten thousand engineers were involved in the manufacture of this chipset, and were careful about its future impact.

Here are the reasons why the Snapdragon 865 chipset is the best chipset in 2020.

1. Super fast download speed

The latest mobile phone models will currently use the latest Snapdragon 5G chipset, this is of course different from the Snapdragon 855 series which can only download 2 Gbps.

Its download speed will make it easier for you to retrieve data on the internet faster than you think. With a maximum speed of 7.5 Gbps, the fast 5G network allows you to download large amounts of games and videos without fear of sluggishness.

2. Clearer bluetooth audio

Snapdragon has long released the previous version with its super fast development and various functions, but this time Snapdragon 865 uses aptX voice technology to support a mobile platform for super wide band sound via bluetooth.

This of course will make you proud of the features you have, the sound is clear and not loud, you will be comfortable with headphones or direct speakers.

3. Super fast wifi network capture

The network frequency captured by the Snapdragon 865 chipset is very large. So it supports all frequency bands accurately, is compatible with dynamic spectrum sharing for 5G which can be operated on the 4G spectrum.

The performance of the Snapdragon 865 will remain optimal and consistent even though the Indonesian region still uses the 4G LTE network. Its speed that exceeds the average will definitely make you feel at home for a long time staring at the cellphone screen without being annoyed waiting for the network.

4. The performance of artificial intelligence is more pronounced

The artificial intelligence that was upgraded to the Snapdragon 865 includes gaming, audio, and the camera is also growing rapidly. You can access the speech to text feature on mobile devices with this chipset.

AI development will be twice as strong as the previous Snapdragon series. Users of this chipset can also speak in other languages ​​and be immediately translated into the language you want to translate without a data network.

5. Supports HDR10 + standard

Prioritizing the quality of the Snapdragon 865 camera will use the HDR10 + feature which is used to detail objects perfectly and realistically, this feature is suitable for those of you who like photos with various objects and produce perfect colors.

The famous cellphone brand, Samsung, will test the Snapdragon 865 on its newest cellphone which will be released next year. Making cellphone vendors and Snapdragon chipset fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the best high-quality cellphones.

Has spread to all cellphone products, this chipset has occupied the ranks of flagship cellphones with super performance. Well-known cellphone brands have used this chipset in every flagship cellphone series.

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