Surface Laptop 4 from Microsoft


Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop 4, an updated version of the Surface Laptop 3 that primarily adds options for new processors. This Surface Laptop 4 comes with the support of the new 11th generation AMD Ryzen 400 and Intel processors as options.

In addition, citing PC Mag, Microsoft began marketing the Surface Laptop on April 15, 2021. Surface Laptop 4 will be available in four new CPU options, two each from AMD and Intel.

Microsoft Surface Laptop is available in four color choices and two material choices. Consumers can choose the colors Ice Blue, Sandstone, Platinum, and Matte Black. Of the four color choices, Ice Blue and Platinum are only available in Alcantara.

In addition, these colors and materials are also only on the 13.5-inch sailing model. The 15-inch sailing model is available in Platinum and Matte Black, in a standard metal body.

In the AMD CPU option, Microsoft offers a variant of the AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition; meaning that this device is customizable with a semi-custom chip; that is good with a number of additional changes; and performance supported by the components of the work of each manufacturer.

As usual, Microsoft presents a device with complex configuration options, including permutations and a combination of four CPU options, four storage options, three memory options, two sizes, four colors, and two materials.


There are 22 preset options available from this configuration, and it is marketed at prices from USD1000  for the most affordable model with an AMD CPU, and USD1300 for the most affordable model with an Intel CPU.

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