The Role of Information Technology

Information Technology

The Role of Information Technology in Public Services – Providing excellent public services is the goal of every local government. Local governments are currently competing to implement and take advantage of advances in information technology to help make it happen. Utilization of information technology includes interrelated activities, namely data processing, information management and management systems. The development of information technology and the application of internet connectivity into government governance is expected to be able to solve various kinds of problems through increased efficiency, innovation, productivity, expansion of coverage and cost savings.

Excellent public services are not just following global trends, but are directed at realizing good governance, namely good governance, transparency and accountability in the governance process. The application of information technology is also expected to be able to provide effective and efficient service to society, of course this is a strategic step. But in its application, it is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it needs a continuous process, time and stages.

The application of information technology in improving public services also provides enormous opportunities for regional development. Where regions can use information tech to simplify service processes, introduce regional potential, and increase interaction with the community and business.

One example of the application of the use of information technology in public services is by using the mCity Indonesia application. The mCity Indonesia application is a mobile-based application that can be used as an information medium and regional public service center.

Information and services available in the mCity application include: travel information, culinary delights, hotels, public facilities, MSME catalogs, and includes public services such as licensing information, e-taxes, Integrated Emergency Management System (SPGDT), aspirations, food prices, Flight Information Detail System (FIDS), and other regional superior services. mCity also has interactive features, such as CCTV streaming, Location based Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). With the complete information and services that mCity has, we hope that all local public information and services can be summarized and integrated in one hand, namely the mCity application

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