Xiaomi banned from The U.S


Xiaomi was banned – Blacklisted in the United States, this is Xiaomi’s response.

Recently, the administration of the United States (US) under the Donald Trump administration made a controversial policy.

How not, it is known that the authorities in the US put Xiaomi in blacklist (blacklist).

The decision was taken after the US Department of Defense categorized Xiaomi as a state threat.

The state threat is believed to be because Xiaomi is considered a “Chinese communist-owned military company”.

Because of this, Xiaomi was finally prohibited from investing in the US. This is based on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Which forces US investors to divest shares as of November 11, 2021. Do not remain silent on the ban Xiaomi finally opened his voice.

The Xiaomi representative gave his response through a clarification posted on the official Xiaomi blog. “The (Xiaomi) company has complied with the law and is operating according to the law”

“And the relevant jurisdictional regulations in conducting its business,” wrote Xiaomi. Xiaomi also emphasizes that the products it makes are for commercial purposes.

Not intended for military purposes in their home country but used by civilians. Xiaomi also said that the company is not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military.

Even firmly deny that they are not the Chinese communist military company. In addition, Xiaomi will also take appropriate action to protect the company and its stakeholders.

However, it is not clear what action Xiaomi will take after this case. Not alone, at least eight other Chinese companies were blacklisted.

However, most of them are very strategic companies.

Among other things, the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemicals, telecommunications, construction and infrastructure industries.

It is not a new issue, this law has actually existed since 1999.

However, until now the law has not been enforced.

So that Donald Trump issued an executive order.

The order is none other than prohibiting US investors from investing in blacklisted companies. That means others company from China should be aware of this regulation or this Information about technology.

The pentagon has added a total of 35 companies blacklisted under the new NDAA law. companies that are included in the entity list are prohibited from carrying out any transactions.¬† –¬† Xiaomi banned from The U.S

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